there's a point when you feel lonely.

like now.

31102010 - miu miu bow satchel

come come.
well, yesterday i posted something about gucci boston and also miu miu bow satchel bags.
 i did told you how the miu miu bags come in many colours for you to choose right?
 but the green one is very difficult to find.
with all my heart, i googled almost all colours offered with immunology notes on my right-hand site.
 looking sad. 
so, here we go! =D

mine2!! *dreaming*

okay, enough. they have yellow, but i couldn't find any. 
do you know that they named the bags' colour with weird names?
i don't know what language they used, but it's weird. 

quiz : what color is astro?

not kuali astro of course.

the pharmaco exam =(




previous days (previous weeks), my friend and i went to klcc. we passed by the miu miu boutique (prada's family) and we saw this super nice handbag. super nice with capital n.i.c.e.
 then, the conversation started.

friend (f) : wey, ko nampak tak bag tu?
me : mane?
f : tu lah, dekat miu miu.
me : NAMPAK!! yang kt depan tu ke? menariknyeeeee~~
f : hari tu aku nampak ade orang beli bag tu. kalo ko nk beli color ape?
me : brown mcm menarik. eh, no no. green! nak hijau, nak hijau!!
f : kalo aku tak kot, aku kan kusam, aku nak brown kot. ko kan ceria, boleh la hijauuuu.

that was the common situation, common conversation every time we hang out together and saw any interesting things. the same conversation was repeated once we passed by salvatore ferragamo. we were focusing on this flats with a ribbon. nice, but expensive. its just a flat la pakcik ferragamo.

what colour do you want, they have it all, but i prefer in green. super nice! in this picture u may found out no sparks in it, but if you see the real bag,hurmm..then you know. 
imagine how do i look : me with this super nice hangbag, in ECM kuantan 

somebody closed to me has this bimba and lola handbag, in grey. pretty!
 the bag i meant, not her =p

30102010 - bye pharmacology

dah habis exam pharmaco

kepala berasapsapsap

rasa nak tukar jadi encyclopedia kejap masa jawab essay

29102010 - signs and syndroms

tomorrow is my pharmacology paper.
9 am, KOM exam hall. right. seat no. 104

i am not supposed to be here at this crucial moment.
but my notes is just in front of me,hehe. still okay. no? yes!
my tongue is twisted with all the weird names of the drugs.
sooooo many!!!
i don't know why this crazy scientist should name it with something like verapamil, amlopidine, diltiazem.
okay, that one is short, they have longer, and even longer name! 
i saw lidocaine. reminds me of pantai lido.

remembering the names, trying to spell it right, pronounce it in right way is so much boring.
well, my friends and i will always make fun of it. our skill to memorize them easier. not so easy i tell you. -__-

so, that is how my exam pimple will say hye to the world.
the pimples, hurmm.. never failed to decorate something on my face.
i don't have any ideas, why they like my skin so much.
usually people will say "bertepuk sebelah tangan tak kan berbunyi"
but in my case, they like me, but i hate them.
refering to the idiom, supposed it won't happen kan?
but, it is successfully happened. ALWAYSSS!

yeah, come back to study mode.
hye diuretics! -______-"

28102010 - hari khamis

hari ini 28 oktober 2010, hari khamis.
maka bertempat di main auditorium, kuliyyah of science, IIUM Kuantan, 
berakhirnya lecture untuk sem ini. hooray!! =D
pathology class.

maka tiada lagi alasan kukuh malas nak study sebab class tak habis lagi.
(ada assignment nak kena submit, tak buat lagi -__- )
study week  bakal bermula sekarang!!
esok jumaat tak ada class langsung.
ye, itulah study day saya. tiada istilah study week kali ini.
tak mengapa, bukan rezeki. yang penting, berusaha!!!!!

tak tahu kenapa, tapi dalam class tadi tiba-tiba rasa semangat nak belajar. bagus kan?
harap-harap semangat ni berpanjangan,huhu.

lepas ni dah masuk second sem pula. cepat betul masa berlalu.
semoga lebih banyak kebaikan dari keburukan,hehe.

oh, saya tak study macam ni. saya study dengan senyuman paling lebar di dunia

The All-American Rejects - It Ends Tonight

every time i listen to this song, it will reminds me back my days at matric centre.
never fail to do so. so many memories to be remembered.

25102010 - loji kumbahan air

tonight will be the last night, me, sleeping comfortly, deeply, sweetly in my room
before the final exams fever haunting me.
plus, tonight my room smells so nice, like bilik pengantin,haha.
(i bought an air freshener this evening!)

i hope this final exam fever won't be so horrible like previous previous previous semester.
usually people will tell you to get enough sleep before the exams, but seriously i cannot do that.
i feel like tak sedap hati when i sleep earlier.
i am a study-lewat-malam person.
so, sleeping earlier than usual is somehow doesn't work so much.
if u see me still awake at 5.00am, staring, memorizing, remembering, writing.
than it's normal. especially when the next paper is Dr.T's paper. faint.

when the last paper comes, when i take my bath, for sure this nausea will say hello to me.
if i am lucky enough, i vomit. this is true story. may be because of all the tense, the knowledge, the stress, the pressure, the everything folded like your small and large intestine, so my body cannot help it anymore. pop up anyway.

just to remind myself how this subjects will treat my nicely this upcoming days and nights:

  • Pharmacology
  • EAP
  • Biostatistics
  • Immunology
  • Pathology
all these LOGY-LOGY thingy makes me crazy.

but, i do hope i have enough rest, less stress, less pressure, no more tears, 
and studying happily.

i swear, this semester is the toughest ever!

24102010 - inspired

i just browsed through rizalman's blog.
guess what? he already has his own furniture line!
and it looks luxury.
a man with golden ideas on fashion and now with this interior designing thingy.
i wish i could be as creative as him. 

pictures from rizalman's blog

i love fashion. 
it's nice and pleasant to look good.
but i don't understand why some people trying so hard to look good in "their fashion sense".
well, less is more.
no need to put so much effort to attract people around you with
hye-i-am-fashionista-and-i-am-hotter-than-u face.
do you the word fake or not?

i don't know why i am talking about this non-academic issue.
supposed to study immunology right now.
my immunology stares at me with eyes open so wide.

fashions, handbags, cosmetics, shoes always keep me awake.
i can stand hours reading magazines, blogs.
but not studying.

shoohhh satans!!

oh, can i have Rizalman for my wedding? =D
i want to share with u some tips on how to study hard in smartest way.

this is what my friend share with me when i was studying immunology for a quiz while ym-ing,hehe
(not a smart way isn't it?)

memahami, bukan menghafal semata-mata
cari point penting
bukan hafal words by words
and make sure boleh terangkan benda tu without looking to the notes
tak perlu lah hafal2
just faham and able to present it in your own words

well, different people will have their own way of study smart.
this is one way of doing it.
every time exams are coming, i always wish that i could really do study smart.
but sometimes time constraint won't let me doing that.
(last minute punya study, biasalah)

happy studying friends!
when many people said bruno mars' song is just awesome.

i admit the song is nice. very nice.
but somehow at heart, i'm not into that song.
i like to listen to the song, but then the uneasy feeling will just pop up.

if somebody dedicate that song to me, of course lah
i will smile from ear to ear.
don't you?
but unfortunately, nobody did -__-"

nevermind, i will urge my future husband to dedicate this song to me during our wedding, haha.

better for me to listen to Begawan Solo.

Siti Nurhaliza & Noh - Begawan Solo (live)

i need to be motivated
at least, for the sake of examinations

good girl gone bad

hey u, please reminds me to remember Allah
always, anywhere, anytime, every time.
so that He will always be with me. 

23102010 - heyyohh!!


betul, lama sangat dah tak buat sesuatu di sini.
serious busy.
by the way, saya berada di rumah sekarang =D
sejak cuti lepas raya dulu tak balik rumah sampai sekarang.
setiap minggu ada aktiviti.

i must admit that this sem, i did something new, adventurous, challenging and interesting.

  • kayaking @tasek bera

  • committee for ikod opening ceremony (personally, i'm not really enjoyed with this)
  • participating Perhentian Island Challenge
  • walking for 13km but the feeling was like walking for 31km -__-"
  • snokelling (how you spell this word eh? me forget =p ) --->seriously awesome!!
  • i saw the windmill for the first time ever 

i had so much fun this few weeks ago :')

berhenti bersuka ria cik dhiya, exam kau xsampai seminggu pon lagi.
saya bakal menghadapi peperiksaan akhir semester pada 30hb November 2010 ini.
tapi, nampak gayanya, banyak lagi kerja-kerja yang perlu disiapkan.
study week? lupakan sahaja. kerana hanya ada SEHARI saja hari yang tiada class langsung.
the rest? presentationssss, quiz, assignment..ohhhh, pilunya hatiku..

rasanya, sem ni lah yang paling tak terurus, notes di sana sini. emotional.
tapi sem ni juga best, sebab aktiviti bukan pelajaran best2,hehe..
balance la tu. ye, saya bersyukur.

saya ada rahsia. =P

--> tidak gembire 100%
 ---> nnt kite cerita pasal pulau perhentian yang cantik ye..hehe

02102010 - today is saturday

selamat datang diucapkan kepada bulan Oktober.
laju betul kau datang ye.
tak sempat aku nak bermesra-mesra, menghabiskan masa dengan abang-abang dan kakak-kakak kau.

bulan Oktober untuk tahun 2010 ni menggerunkan ye.
kerana bulan ini ada banyak perkara yang bakal berlaku..

berkayak di Tasik Bera
first time nak pergi tasik selain tasik uia, tasik Tasik Bandar, Tasik Titiwangsa 

IKOD'10 (IIUM Kuantan Open Day)
mari datang beramai-ramai. penat organize -__-"

Perhentian Island Challege
ala-ala holiday la,haha. tak pernah pergi Pulau Perhentian.

submit assignment + presentation

lab report


kehangatanya terasa
lebih hangat dari biasa