01012011 - its 2011 baby!

goodbye 2010
hello 2011

no, i'm not celebrating new year.
i spent my 365th day of 2010 with my dear friends, syuhadah and wahida.
went to Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman, Jalan Bukit Bintang.
having some times together since we didn't get together quite long.
carrying backpack for more than 5 hours was really a burden.
had a heart to heart talk with a friend.
saw something that i shouldn't.
wearing mask at 12am (an anti-aging one, since i'll turn 23 this year).
nada said just now, "age is just a number." but it can be identical kan?

what can i say for this new year is i just want to be happier in everything.
i want to be a good slave, a good daughter, a good friend, a good student, a good lover.
i want to have more saving. better CGPA.

a lot actually.

oh, and it's time to let my loved one happy.
my part had come to an end.

but why?

Katy Perry - Firework

28122010 - creativeness

recently, Nada and i have the new habit.

buying masks!

instead of feeling so good after using it, these masks have VERY interesting, awesome, creative packaging and design. i wonder how they can be so creative having that ideas running on their brain. i want it too, since i want to draw something for friends and may be for my loved one in future. 
yeah, i am thoughtful like that. i like to give special people something that i do it by myself. 
even though most of the times i think its not creative, or cantik or menarik, well, i dont care.
ingat senang ke saya nak mencurahkan idea dalam bentuk fizikal, memerah otak fikir apa yang konon-konon menarik dan kreatif?
susah ye.
pity me, i'm not creative at all -.-
but i love all my hasil kerja tangan =D

my fav design! it's like an envelope. hehe

might think this is 'serbuk brokoli utk memasak"

what is ylang ylang?

like a serum! dah habis medicated-look la ni..

like gula-gula oren..

bau dia buat rasa macam nak lick. so yummy! haha

cutest one!

ignore the background.

yet, the instruction, description, and everything are in korean. mesti lah tak faham kan, kalau faham hebat sgt lah tu. so, the only thing we can do is "kite tgk jelah gambar tu. wey, aku nampak 15-20 mins!"

adakah Korea negara pengeluar mask menarik yang paling banyak?


oh, i want to share with you people some of my creativeness. haha.

i did a surprise for my friend. she went for classes, and i did my art thingy in her room, waiting.

she's the lion. i'm the cute bird.
"chibi" is her pet name. hahahaha

i think she loves me <3

ini pon di kira sebagai kreatif juga lah. hee~


nampak tak ada labuci kilat-kilat? saya jahit untuk makcik saya. berpinar biji mata jahit benda ni.
ada sesiapa nak upah saya jahit manik? haha.

ha'ah, this is previous post punya picture.

lab is boring.

i drew this on ym! looks like the original one kan? =p

saya melukis batik. (yang bunga colour comot tu je)

i'm not that focus in class.

tsetse fly.

for my senior's birthday =)


okay fine, enough for now. i have more, but i better stop before awak-awak semua mengata saya tak berbakat langsung.
ini bukan untuk membangga diri atau poyo atau show off atau bajet kreatif atau "aku lukis comel doh"
ini saja-saja je.
 boredom strikes.


--> thanks chibi for entertained me. i love u <3! yes, call me sweet.

ride for you.

Lately, I've been tryna fight whatever's pulling us under
it's got a hold and really making me wonder
what it takes to get through
I gotta stick with you, my baby
Baby tell me:
Maybe I'm foolishly overreacting
But being without you I can't imagine
It's just to close to the heart and
And I won't stand it if were broken apart

Do you hear me?
Baby ya gotta believe in the things that make you & me win together
Don't you throw in the towel
I'm keeping my promise to you I got ya back now
When the chips are down
It seems like it's so hard for you to move ahead
Just know that I am by your side
There aint no ifs, buts, or maybes,
I'm gonna stay down and ride for you baby

We've been cutting it close with the backwards & forwards
It's rocking the boat; we gotta get control of this
Let's take it back to three years ago
When you said that we could make it through whatever, ever
And to me it sounded like you meant forever, ever
Leaving was not an option, baby, never, never
Now don't you believe in a love that's worth a fight
In you is everything that I'm missing
So give us a chance

Don't you dare tell me we gotta let it go...
We been on top for too long just to let it go under
I don't wanna hear that
I just can't hear that
and know
Wherever you wanna take me
I'll go
I been with you for too long to start over with another
I know that you hear me
Just tell me you hear me

You lost the girl that loved you like no one else could.
You didn’t want her when all she ever wanted was you.

- quote from a friend -

Oh dear, how true is that..


when people you know become people you knew.

how you can walk right past them, as if they have never been a part of your life.

how you used to be able to talk for hours, and now you can even barely look at them.


06122010 - butterflies

not less than an hour from now, the result for last final exams will release. let us see how it goes. since i am SO independent during the examinations period *my own definition of independent btw* i am quite worry about the result. but i have told my mind to be prepared for whatever it may comes. it's my efforts of course. so, lets pray for the best! :)

i won't check it at 4pm sharp, course i don't believe this IIUM website system. -___-"