06122011 - A Little Come Back.


Assalamualaikum dear friends! 
I bet you guys are in goooood condition. I know right? :p
here i am again. So, it takes about 4 months for me to drop by to this silly 
blog again for a visit.
(Itu pon sebab Zila sebut-sebut pasal blog. if not? hmm~ )

currently, i'm still the same Dhiya that you knew before. No different, but gained weight.
it was happened just like that started from the semester break, during my practical time, and the gaining kilos keep on going. i don't really mind as long as all the shirts, and jeans, and baju kurung, and everything can be fitted on my body nicely. hehe.

I never mention about my practical time, right? fyi, i've devoted my 10 weeks time at Hospital Kuala Pilah, Negeri Sembilan. i'm happy to be there, but actually i am forced to be there. FORCED! luckily i managed to reset my mind and pasrah and hoping for the best of it. Alhamdulillah, i'm survived! :D i gained so much knowledge and experiences both good and bad, knowing new people, handling samples, etc. how i understand how working world can gives you so much stress and precious moments. there are many things i can share regarding to this practical matter actually. yeah, many. 

oh, btw, officially i am an environmental health student. 
i guess i did the right thing to choose this concentration over industrial health or clinical and pharmaceutical research concentration. all i can say is environmental health is so cool yaw! and the lecturers are just nice :)
we got Dr. Othman here for environmental microbiology,
Miss Afiza for environmental toxicology,
Dr. Maizatun for environmental law,
and Mdm. Nurul Wahida for research methodology (RM)
this rm subject is compulsory to all concentrations. i'm sooooo not into this rm. boring to death! 
previously, mdm wahida has taught us epidemiology and biostatistics. all these three subjects are not compatible with my liking. seriously -____-"
the best part of rm class is we can have a small reunion in the lecture hall since we've divided ourselves into 3 concentrations. semua dah macam jejak kasih, with happy faces, updating new gossip, etc. 

talking about friends, i think day by day i love my friends more. and i'm not ready for the slow goodbye soon. hmm~

last two weeks, the environmental health kids went to cameron highlands for sampling purposes. together with jalan-jalan makan angin actually, hehe. we had so much fun there. the weather was sumpah sejuk gila!! will write about the trip later. i can conclude, the trip made us become closer and closer. nampak tak, bila dah nak grad, macam-macam kenangan manis lagi indah muncul. 

macam mana ni?

--> nak tunjuk gambar cameron sikit, tapi tak ada gambar pula dalam laptop ni.

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