15082011 - mynameisDhiya


15th day of Ramadhan. 
Alhamdulillah. Its good to meet u again ya Ramadhan. 

So, hye people! hye everyone! 
apparently, its almost 8 months i didnt post anything here. 8 months yaww!! If I'm pregnant, my baby would pop out anytime, anywhere by now. Seriously, sometimes i forgot the existence of this blog. i don't even bother to "jenguk2" this blog at all. i don't have solid reason. disappointed may be? huhu. 

what brings me back to this?
haaa, thanks to a friend who reminds me about my "trick or treat?" thing.
the way that friend found my blog was quite impressive since that friend found it by google image -___-"
i felt weird. huhu. anyway, thanks for all the effort. i am impressed =)

the friend like requesting me to write again. yeke request? agaknya lah. 
yeah, here i am! hehe.

all this while, a lot of things happened to me, my surrounding, people around me.
i just don't have enough words to elaborate the situation.
fun, sad, sorrow, happy, excited, laugh, tears. everything.
i met many new people. gone through many good and bad experiences.
and i hope that will built me, me. the good me.

a month from now, i will become a 4th year student.
wawawawawawah, i can;t believe it. sumpah macam tak percaya.
let us see how would that be. i wish for a very positive one of course.

so friends, since its Ramadhan, wishing you guys,


may we all gain a lot during this month of full barakah.
i am sorry for all my wrong-doings.

happy to get back here =)

--> i just killed a mosquito. satisfaction.

do writing needs....
...starting point?